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Our Story

Welcome to RepBot.ai, where our journey is as personal to us as your business reputation is to you. Founded in 2023 by Saad Malik and Crystal West, a duo not just in life as husband and wife but also in their shared vision, RepBot.ai is the culmination of years of expertise, passion, and the simple belief that every business deserves to shine online.

From Digital Agency Roots to RepBot.ai

Crystal and I met while working at a digital agency in 2015, where we quickly identified a common interest in the transformative potential of customer reviews. Recognizing their critical impact on local SEO and conversion rates, we were inspired to address the underexplored opportunities in this space.

The Birth of RepBot.ai

That's how RepBot.ai was born in 2023. Driven by our shared vision and leveraging our complementary skills, we embarked on a mission to develop a platform that could transform the way businesses handle their online reputation. RepBot.ai is the culmination of our experiences, packaged into a generative AI platform designed to automate review management processes, making it simpler for businesses to monitor, report, respond to, and engage with reviews across various platforms.

Our Commitment to Value and Transparency

What sets us apart is not just our technology but our commitment to value and transparency. We believe in empowering businesses of all sizes to manage their online reputations with ease and efficiency. This is why we offer value-packed features like our free online reputation management tools, including a review response generator and a negative review audit, all without contracts or hidden fees.

Why RepBot.ai?

Because at the heart of it, we're just like you - passionate, dedicated, and deeply committed to making a difference. We're here to support you every step of the way, with a tool built from experience, designed for efficiency, and inspired by a vision to make online reputation management accessible to all.

Our Team

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Saad Malik
CEO, Co-Founder

Headshot of Crystal West, Co founder at RepBot.ai with a gradient background

Crystal West
CMO, Co-Founder

Our Partnerships

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RepBot.ai is proud to be supported by AWS Activate and Microsoft for Startups, ensuring a reliable and scalable solution for our users.

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