Introducing RepBot - The Future of Online Reputation Management

RepBot is an automated online reputation management tool for local businesses. It monitors reviews across 100+ websites, generates responses instantly using AI, and automatically publishes the responses to Google, Facebook and Yelp.
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Generate New Reviews Automatically

Transform the way you gather customer feedback with's 'Generate New Reviews' feature. Our cutting-edge platform facilitates multi-channel engagement, reaching customers through email, text, or even QR codes.
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24/7 Monitoring Across 100+ Review Sites

With RepBot, you can effortlessly maintain your online reputation across more than 100 platforms including Google, Facebook, and other industry-specific review sites. With 24/7 monitoring, RepBot ensures that you never miss a new review or feedback, allowing you to address customer concerns in a timely manner and demonstrate your commitment to providing exceptional service. This automated solution simplifies the reputation management process, allowing you to focus on running your business while RepBot automatically monitors new reviews on your behalf.
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Automated Review Response and Publishing

RepBot's automation capabilities allow you to grow your business without sacrificing the quality of your customer service. RepBot automatically generates responses to reviews and posts them on multiple platforms, saving you time and ensuring consistency across all your online review sources. Scale your business confidently with RepBot and deliver exceptional customer service with ease.
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Automated Review Removal

With RepBot, protecting your brand reputation has never been easier. Our platform automatically scans your online reviews to flag and remove any reviews that violate platform policies, ensuring that your brand maintains a positive online presence. RepBot also provides you with real-time alerts, giving you the ability to quickly address any negative reviews and take action to prevent any further damage to your brand reputation. Rest easy knowing that your brand reputation is in safe hands with RepBot.
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AI Powered Sentiment Analysis and Reporting

With RepBot's powerful AI capabilities, you can unlock valuable customer insights that will help you understand your customers better than ever before. With this information, you can make informed decisions to improve your customer experience and enhance your brand reputation. Unlock the full potential of your customer reviews with RepBot's AI-powered analytics and sentiment analysis.
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Showcase Reviews On Your Website

Choose from a range of customizable widgets for your website website and highlight your most dazzling reviews which showcases your brand's strengths. Let your stars shine bright with RepBot's customizable widgets and make a lasting impression on your site visitors.
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