Google Maps Summaries: Descriptions, Editorials and Reviews.

Published: February 17, 2024

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Saad Malik
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Google Maps summaries serve as a concise introduction to what businesses offer, their unique selling points, and customer perceptions. Google provides three key types of summaries that can help potential customers understand what your business is about: business descriptions, editorial summaries, and customer review snippets. These summaries can significantly impact a potential customer's decision to visit a business. Understanding and optimizing these summaries is crucial for standing out in a crowded marketplace.

1. Business Descriptions: Your Business's First Impression on Google Maps

Business descriptions on Google Maps allow you to control the narrative about your business. This is your opportunity to communicate directly with potential customers by highlighting what you offer, what makes you unique, and your business's history. These descriptions are editable by business owners, making it crucial to keep them updated and reflective of your business's current offerings and values.

2. Editorial Summaries: Snapshot of Your Business on Google Maps

Google Maps also features editorial summaries, which are brief, professionally written snapshots that provide potential customers with an overview of what makes your business popular. These summaries appear when someone clicks on your business on Maps and are displayed alongside reviews and ratings.

Unlike business descriptions, editorial summaries are not editable by business owners, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive and noteworthy presence on Google Maps to influence these summaries positively.

3a. Customer Review Snippets: The Voice of Your Customers on Google Maps

Customer review snippets are a powerful feature on Google Maps that distill the essence of what customers are saying about your business. By algorithmically selecting and showcasing keywords and phrases most frequently mentioned in reviews, these snippets provide a quick snapshot of your business's standout qualities. This feature not only aids potential customers in their decision-making process by highlighting what others value about your business but also helps businesses understand the aspects customers appreciate the most. The bolded keywords and the number of mentions give a clear indication of your business's strengths, according to your customers.

3b. Place Topics: Understanding Your Business's Main Themes

Place Topics is another insightful feature that synthesizes the main themes of your business from customer reviews. This tool uses the data from your reviews to generate topics that represent the most talked-about aspects of your business, making it easier for potential customers to gauge what your business is known for. The creation of Place Topics is contingent on having a substantial amount of quality reviews, emphasizing the importance of actively seeking customer feedback.

Since these topics are generated based on customer input, they offer an unbiased overview of your business directly from the customer's perspective. For business owners, this means a hands-off approach to managing Place Topics; however, it's crucial to monitor for and address any potentially misleading or abusive topics.

3c. Hotel Review Snippets: A Comprehensive Overview for Travelers

For hotels, Google Maps enhances customer insight through specialized review snippets, sourced from both Google user reviews and trusted third-party providers like TrustYou. This consolidated review section offers a comprehensive overview of guest experiences, aggregating scores and summaries to help potential guests make informed decisions.

Hotels featured in this section gain the advantage of broader exposure and the opportunity to stand out based on an aggregate of positive guest reviews from various platforms.


How can I edit my business description on Google Maps?

You can edit your business description through your Google My Business account. This section allows you to detail what your business offers and what sets it apart.

Why can't I edit editorial summaries on Google Maps?

Editorial summaries are generated by Google to provide an unbiased snapshot of your business. These are based on various data points and cannot be directly edited by business owners.

How do customer review snippets influence my business?

Customer review snippets highlight the most mentioned words or phrases in your reviews, offering potential customers a quick glimpse of what others think about your business.

What are Place Topics, and how are they generated?

Place Topics are generated from the themes and keywords in your customer reviews, providing potential customers with insight into what your business is best known for.

Can I encourage customers to leave positive reviews?

Yes, you can (and should) encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews. This can be done in person, through follow-up emails, or via social media.

How can I manage negative feedback on Google Maps?

Respond to negative feedback promptly and professionally, offering to resolve any issues. This shows potential customers that you value customer service and are willing to make improvements.


Understanding the types of summaries—business descriptions, editorial summaries, and customer review snippets—is crucial. Each plays a unique role in how potential customers perceive your business. A well-crafted business description, positive editorial summary, and favorable review snippets can collectively enhance your business's attractiveness and credibility on Google Maps.