Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard's Reputation Revival with RepBot.ai

Published: February 9, 2024
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Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard partnered with RepBot.ai to tackle a critical challenge: enhancing its Google rating. This case study highlights the journey from a struggling 3.7 rating to a more respectable 4.2, showcasing the impactful role of RepBot.ai's solutions in refining the business's online reputation.

Key Results:

  • Elevated Google Rating: From 3.7 to 4.2 within four months.
  • Increased Customer Reviews: Jumped from 58 to  80  reviews.
  • Boost in Engagement: 56% increase in average direction requests  and 38% increase in average monthly phone calls.
  • Enhanced Online Reputation: Through the removal of three negative 1-star reviews.

"Dealing with our online reputation became so much easier with RepBot.ai. They swiftly got rid of two negative reviews, lifting our online profile."

Noor Suteria, CEO

Client Background and Challenge:

Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard, established in 2018, had quickly become a cornerstone of the recycling community in Conroe, Texas. The business faced a daunting online reputation scenario: a 3.7 Google rating from 60 reviews, many of which were negative.

Strategic Solutions and Implementation:

In response, RepBot.ai's Negative Review Defender was first employed, successfully removing two inappropriate 1-star reviews. This adjustment improved the rating to 3.9 with 58 reviews. Building on this momentum, the Review Generate feature was next utilized, securing 22 five-star reviews in four months which elevated the rating further to 4.2 with a total of 80 reviews.

Outcomes and Business Impact:

  • 56% uptick in direction requests, indicating improved market visibility.
  • 38% rise in incoming phone calls, a testament to increased customer engagement and interest.

Business Name:

Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard


Point Blank, TX
Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard is a professional and trained team of experts that solve waste management and disposal issues. The process is straightforward: obsolete or end-of-life industrial and household metal products such as wires, tubes, cables, storage cells, and pipes are sent for recycling instead of being thrown away. This protects nature, saves the environment, and reduces the threat of global warming.