The 3 best free Google Review QR Code Generators in 2024

Published: January 11, 2024

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Saad Malik
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Navigating the complex landscape of customer review platforms can pose challenges. However, when it comes to driving customer engagement and enhancing online reputation, Google Reviews remains unparalleled. Consequently, numerous QR Code generators have emerged, aiming to streamline the process of collecting Google Reviews. Yet, finding the perfect solution that combines functionality and affordability can be a daunting task.

In 2024, QR Code generators have greatly evolved, offering a variety of sophisticated and user-friendly tools. Among the many options, three free Google Review QR Code generators stand out. With extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of customer needs, we have carefully evaluated numerous free tools to separate the best from the rest.

The best free Google Review QR Code generators

Whitespark Google Review QR code Generator
ReviewsOnMyWebsite Google Review QR code Generator
Cloutly Google Review QR code Generator

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What makes the best free Google Review QR code Generator?

How we evaluate and test tools

We've spent years using, testing, and writing about online reputation management software, and we put that experience to work on every review. We thoroughly research and test each tool, using it as you would and judging it against strict criteria for its category. We never accept payment for app placement or links, so you can trust that our reviews are honest and unbiased.

The attributes that define an outstanding free Review QR Code Generator are clear-cut yet profound: At the core, the process involves generating a QR code that links to your Google Reviews page, but the true value lies in the details.

In our analysis, we prioritized tools that excel in user experience (UX) during the creation process, ensuring the interface is intuitive and efficient. Equally important is the accessibility and reliability of the generated QR code – it must be readily available and functional across various platforms. We also looked into the ‘free’ aspect, ensuring that the tools we recommend offer substantial value without hidden costs. Lastly, we considered the type of review link the code generates, recognizing that the most effective tools provide options that seamlessly integrate with diverse business models and customer interaction strategies.

These key factors combine to form a QR Code Generator that doesn't just create a link, but enhances the entire customer feedback experience.

The best free Google Review QR code Generators at a glance

Direct link to Google Review formYesYesNo
Personalized review linkYesNoNo
Follow-up email with instructionsYesNoYes
QR code delivery methodInstantEmailEmail
Additional featuresNoneNoneReviews Showcase

The best free Google Review QR code Generators in detail

Whitespark Google Review QR code Generator

Whitespark Pros:

  • Generates and displays  QR codes instantly
  • Directly links to Google Reviews form
  • Personalized and user-friendly review links
  • Sends informative follow-up emails with additional instructions

Whitespark Cons:

  • Opting in to newsletters is required.

Whitespark Pricing: Free

Whitespark's Google Review QR code Generator offers a simple yet powerful solution for businesses seeking efficient ways to gather reviews. The process is seamless: input your business details, and instantly receive a QR code specifically tailored for your Google Reviews page. Unlike generators with unnecessary steps, this tool focuses on the goal, providing a QR code that enables users to directly access Google’s Review form. The user experience is not an afterthought here but a refined feature, incorporating a customizable link that prioritizes usability.

As per its commitment, Whitespark sends a follow-up email that includes a customized review link, providing businesses with valuable tips to optimize their review collection efforts.

Ideal for businesses seeking a no-nonsense and user-friendly QR code generator, Whitespark excels in delivering a simple yet powerful tool for capturing valuable customer feedback.

ReviewsOnMyWebsite Google Review QR code Generator

ReviewsOnMyWebsite Pros:

  • Directly links to Google Reviews form

ReviewsOnMyWebsite Cons:

  • QR code is sent via email

ReviewsOnMyWebsite Pricing: Free

ReviewsOnMyWebsite specializes in providing a convenient Google Review QR Code generator that is both efficient and reliable. With no need for complicated sign-ups or account creation, simply share your Google Reviews link and receive a prompt email containing your personalized QR code.

Receiving the QR code via email has pros and cons. On one hand, there might be a slight delay, which could be seen as inconvenient. On the other hand, email delivery guarantees a secure digital copy in your inbox, ready to be accessed whenever you need it. It's a trade-off between immediate access and methodical delivery.

The ReviewsOnMyWebsite Google Review QR Code generator is perfect for businesses looking for a simple and straightforward way to create QR codes. It focuses on simplicity without any extra frills.

Cloutly Google Review QR code Generator

Cloutly Pros:

  • Automatically creates a Reviews Showcase page

Cloutly Cons:

  • QR code is sent via email
  • QR code links to a Cloutly branded page with an icon for Google Reviews form

Cloutly Pricing: Free

Cloutly's QR code generation approach for Google Reviews adds a unique feature to display ratings on a showcase page.

A follow-up email is sent containing a QR code and a link to the Clouty branded review showcase page. This provides businesses with an additional channel to showcase their well-deserved accolades.

However, there is a condition: the QR code doesn't directly take customers to the review form. Instead, they first visit a Cloutly branded webpage with a link to Google’s Review form.. Some businesses might see this as a valuable touchpoint, while others may view it as an unnecessary detour on the customer's path to leaving feedback. 

Ideal for brand-conscious businesses, Cloutly may require additional marketing savvy for optimal use.

Can AI Generate Your Google Review QR Code?

The answer is yes, but with a twist. While GPT-4 can create a QR code itself,  it requires an additional step to find and share the Google Review link before it can generate the QR code for you.

Here's how it works:

1. Finding your Google Review link: To create a QR code that directs users to your Google Review page, you first need to locate the specific link to your review page. This link typically includes your business name and some unique identifiers. You can usually find this link by searching for your business on Google Maps and clicking on the "Write a Review" button. Copy this URL for the next step.

2. Using ChatGPT's GPT-4: Now that you have the Google Review link, you can employ the power of ChatGPT's GPT-4 to generate a QR code. You can provide the link to GPT-4 and ask it to create a QR code based on the provided URL.

3. Sharing your QR code: Once ChatGPT generates the QR code, you'll receive an image file containing the code. You can easily share this image on your website, social media profiles, printed materials, or anywhere else you want to encourage customers to leave a review. When users scan the QR code with their smartphones, it will take them directly to your Google Review page, simplifying the review process for them.